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In the second part, is investigated in the light of the madness of Nicole’s character and the intensions of the author are also analyzed in the light of the social life of that period, its norms and standards. In the first part, the background of the novel is outlined in two main directions: general information about this work of literature and the key aspects of madness of Nicole Diver.

Nicole’s part of the book is the most interesting in regards to her mental illness. Each part is different depending on the form the first person takes.

It can be compared to some creative work, probably a diary but very different from regular every day notes.

Nicole is mentally ill and her health problem influences the whole family.

Her fragile world was broken when she was still very young, just a teenager.

During the Great Depression, just like it happens today, many were frustrated with the insane cycles of the system that is spinning us around and never cars for anything.

Thus, Nicole’s madness is a metaphor of the society.

was first published in 1933, when public wanted to return to the glory and luxury of the '20s.

And Nicole Diver became that very character, a woman, who mirrored the insanity of the system. Her only purpose is to continue to consume exponentially.

Mental problems are often described in poetry and drama, art and music. Scott Fitzgerald in Tender is the Night ( 1933) have discovered new, romantic, side of madness.

Madness has been very popular topic for many novelists for centuries, but it became highly recognized by the public only in the age of Z. They demonstrated that derangement of mind can be seen as a journey into inner world of the human.


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