The Scarlet Letter Arthur Dimmesdale Essay

As he observes the minister's suffering, he grows more and more convinced that he is Hester's unnamed lover.Like the 'A' that Hester wears and the 'A' that appears on Dimmesdale's chest at the moment of his death, the 'A' that links their graves is a symbol of their shared sin.The Scarlet Letter is a historical fiction novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne, written in 1850.The conflict between his role as a spiritual leader and the gravity of his personal sin demonstrates the theme of guilt versus redemption explored in this novel.In order to compensate for his lies, he urges others his congregation to treat him like a sinner.This allows him to secretly track down and exact revenge on his wife's lover.Dimmesdale cannot bear the hypocrisy of preaching to his congregation after committing such a serious sin, but he cannot reveal himself either, because Hester does not want him to.When Roger Chillingworth, Hester's husband, arrives in the town of Salem, he finds out about his wife's affair.This is not his real name, but one he changes it to, since no one in the town has seen him before.This leads Dimmesdale into a further spiral of self-punishment and self-loathing.Dimmesdale's internal torment results in mental and physical illness.


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