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If you happen to be a perfectionist, such experiences break you.An underappreciated aspect of this is finding an academic department that would allow you to submit something this concise as a senior thesis.To pursue research in English emerges as a major challenge for them, so they end up copying,” said Prof D Ravinder, principal of OU Arts College, adding that if research scholars are allowed to submit thesis in Telugu or Urdu, the quality of research will be much better.

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I had a bitter experience while pursuing my master's thesis at a pretty big firm.

The people responsible for advising me were shameless in accepting that no one really cares about how well I have done my thesis (they were trying to defend as to why no one cared enough to spend time and guide me), all that matters is finishing it and moving on.

Sample this: A journalism student who was pursuing research on media organisations submitted first draft of thesis recently.

Officials were shocked to know that the similarity index was as high as 90% as he copy pasted paragraphs from other published research papers, blogs and websites.

Supervisors blame it on lack of comprehension skills among research scholars which forces them to plagiarise content.

“In OU, many students pursuing research have studied in Telugu medium till degree level.

The supervisor of Anna's thesis was professor Esa Saarinen.

Her thesis advisors were Peter Kenttä and Peter Michelsson. Anna completed the Aalto Master’s Programme in Information Networks.

These people have a much harder road to expertise and success than the people who were mentored. This was not to detract from Jeff Dean's work in any way - obviously he is a talented, hard working engineer.

This was more to share with 'halflings that comparing one's achievements to someone else's is rarely something that bears much fruit.


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