Thesis Statement For Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde

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Everyone who knew Jekyll thought he was a respected doctor who was well mannered.

Little did they know he had an evil alter ego, Hyde, which was hidden by the disguise of Jekyll.

A true split personality, a schizophrenic, would have two different personalities, with minimal interactions between the two.

Like an angry priest at a lecture, The Strange Case of Dr. Hyde tells us that the “evil side” is as much a part as the “good side.” And as a result, we must supplicate and constantly beg forgiveness.

This explains that the evil Hyde completely takes over the good Jekyll side because it was hidden for so long that it needed to be expressed.

Hyde’s intention was to be able to live his passions freely and to fulfill the evil inclinations that live in his mind without any moral restraints or limits. Jekyll feels this is the best way to stop Hyde from committing anymore evil events. Jekyll would permanently be Hyde forever and he did not want to be framed as a murderer. The left-brained Jekyll overpowered his right-brain urges which lead to the creation of the second persona.This secondary persona starts off as the weaker of the two but eventually grows stronger.The coexistence of an evil and a good soul in one body presents many problems that occur in the future. Jekyll is soon overpowered by the evil nature of Mr. Good and evil can no longer be separated in the body. Trying to kill off the Hyde in himself is not an easy task for Jekyll to attempt. Hyde does but he cannot control the dominant Hyde who is becoming stronger. The alter ego is a part of who he is and he cannot destroy that part of him. Elaine Showalter states, “The dominant side of the brain represent[s] the dominant gender, and the other repressed gender” (3). For some time, Jekyll had reasoned that there were two natures in himself. Over the years Jekyll repressed his more impulsive side because he was unsure how people would react towards this side. The novella is as convinced of its rightness as the doctor is, and thus carries its message like a blustering, hammering tract.“How I…came forth an angel instead of a fiend…it was neither diabolical nor divine…old Henry Jekyll, that incongruous compound of whose reformations…I had already learned to despair.”Hyde as the murderer is made clear.He is defined indeed by the author repeatedly as “evil,” the reader again is left in no doubt.


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