Thesis Statement For Multiple Personality Disorder

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In contrast, Thigpen readily used hypnosis on Eve, Tsitos feared he use of suggestion might reinforce her different personalities.

Each time a personality appeared, Tsitos ignored it and encouraged Eve to take responsibility for her personalities.

These included horrendous accidents that occurred before the age of three.

One incident involved her mother badly cutting her arm.

This was thought to be the trigger point of her illness, and the development of her personalities.

Later in life she suffered personal frustrations and marital conflicts.Over years of continued therapy, Eve eventually sort help with a Dr Tony Tsitos (1970).Tsitos, chose not to prompt Eve for her personalities under hypnosis.’To Eve her distress was still apparent and she was still experiencing episodes of MPD.She went on to experience further personalities, a total of twenty two altogether.Thigpen was the person to correctly diagnose Eve, with Multiple personality disorder.However he did not cure her, and hardly asked nothing of Eve, for example, ‘if she thought she was cured.It is said that this treatment eventually cured her.Another interesting case study of MPD, was a art student named ‘Sybil’ real name ( Shirley Mason) who experienced sixteen separate personalities.This sometimes can indicate a psychopathic personality (Manter 1953) However her other two personalities tracings, appeared to be completely normal.The use of family members for circumstantial evidence and interviews, also helped supply reliable data to support the case study.


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