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One must admit, however, that while Hamlets actions with regard to that duty are questionable, Ophelia must bear some responsibility for the degree of Hamlets harsh rejection of her.

One must admit, however, that while Hamlets actions with regard to that duty are questionable, Ophelia must bear some responsibility for the degree of Hamlets harsh rejection of her.

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He convinces Ophelia of his insanity, publicly embarrasses her, and indirectly causes her suicide.

Hamlets true intentions toward her apparently remain a mystery.

Yet, if we compare his actions toward his mother, a woman who has greatly disappointed him and may be involved in the death of his father, Hamlets behavior toward Ophelia becomes clearer. You may want to use the formula "I intend to argue that ______________, because ______________." If you cant specifically fill in the spaces, in one sentence, you dont have an argumentthe "because" here offers the specific.

Hamlets dilemma as to what is true, whom to believe, and how he should act appears to include his relationships to the two women in his life; however, his treatment of Ophelia and that of Gertrude demonstrate a contradiction, one in keeping with the paradoxes in the play: he mistrusts women in general, but loves and trusts Ophelia in particular; she represents the exception. Notice too that the thesis statement may appear anywhere in your introductory paragraph (for very long papers, you may have an introduction comprised of several paragraphs): the thesis may be your lead sentence, appear in the middle of the paragraph, or, as above, at the end of the paragraph.

Such a statement, especially after a soliloquy in which he contemplates suicide, cannot be taken seriously.

The claim is merely for Ophelias benefit, to frighten and distance her from the man she thought she knew.That suspicion and Hamlets attendant behavior toward her never varies in the play, from his opening soliloquy, when he exclaims "Frailty, thy name is woman" (1.2.146), to their confrontation in Gertrudes chamber: While this may seem to answer why Hamlet behaves as he does with Ophelia, his attitude toward his mother is never in doubt; he consistently remains mistrustful and accusatory.Gertrude represents for Hamlet all women and their duplicitous natures. His meaning is purposely vague: he could mean that she is "too cold" for a relationship, or, in the Elizabethan slang implication of "nunnery," that she is a whore and should remove herself to a house of prostitution.Hamlet once again shifts from the particular feelings he has and must conceal with regard to Ophelia, to a condemnation of his mothers behavior, which indicates a generic disgust with women.Demanding to know how she could love a man such as Claudius, Hamlet insists "You cannot call it love; for at your age / The heyday in the blood is tame, its humble" (3.4.68-69).Ophelia, however, But those are his private thoughts; publicly he insults her, most notably by telling her: "Get thee to a nunnery. [Always consider your reader: how much "extra information" or plot is necessary?Use these only to illustrate your argument, which you have already presentedillustrations (citations) do just thatthey illustrate, and so should follow the point they make.] Most importantly in his tirade, however, Hamlet says of himself, "I am very proud, revengeful, ambitious, with more offences at my beck than I have thoughts to put them in, imagination to give them shape, or time to act them in" (124-27).His lewd insinuations quickly shift from her to his true concern: how will the king and Gertrude react to a re-creation of his fathers death?When the kings actions confirm for Hamlet the Ghosts revelation, Hamlet departs the stage with the intention of confronting his mother, to learn the extent of her involvement in the murder.However, everything in the introduction serves to better explain--fill out--what your thesis statement means. A way to edit your work is to place your thesis somewhere else in the paragraph and then see if the introduction still makes sense.] Gertrude, as Hamlets first scene indicates, should not be trusted.His suspicions of her behavior, as indicated by her hasty marriage to Claudius, demonstrate his mistrust of his mother even before the Ghost suggests that she may have been to some degree complicit in his fathers death.


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