Tiger Mom Essay

It's also about Mozart and Mendelssohn, the piano and the violin, and how we made it to Carnegie Hall.This was supposed to be a story of how Chinese parents are better at raising kids than Western ones.

Having explained the features of this non-fiction character, we often joked around that I should turn into a Tiger mom when I was too easy on him.

When my son voiced his interests in reading the entire book, however, I was bewildered.

However, Chinese parents believe in the orthodox paradigm that parents as authority figures know what's best for their children.

Further, their happiness is closely related to stereotypical success or achievement in an ever competitive world, which can be earned only through hard work.

A Western mom's children can have fun life for 20 years, but may have a bad life afterwards." His point is well-taken.

Tiger Mom Essay

Put differently, the main difference between the two parenting approaches stems from the contrastive ways each parent perceives childhood, albeit both parents sharing the common ultimate motives and visions: they love their children and they want their children to get the most of their lives and be happy.

In response to the overwhelming reaction to her essay and the book, Chua made the following comments in her interview with TIME, "Parenting is such a personal topic.

Everyone is reacting or in favor of the way they were parented or defending the way they're parenting now. The majority of parenting happens in a domestic sphere, not in a public sphere with deep feelings attached to it.

As it turns out, not only did my son enjoy reading the book, but he got out the essence of the story far more than I was expecting. Maybe the Chinese mom's way, though it may hurt children's self-esteem." "What makes you say that?

When I joked with my son, "So which way of parenting do you think is better, the Western way or the Chinese way? " "Well, even though these children have a tough time as children, they can be intellectual and successful when they become adults.


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