Tips On Writing Personal Statements For Medical School

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Just like the essays on an undergraduate college application, the medical school personal statement is your chance to show who you are beyond the numbers.Your unique personality traits, experiences, and personal qualities can set you apart from similarly qualified applicants.With such intense competition for medical school seats, you want to maximize every opportunity to shine, and that includes your personal statement.

I didn’t know, but I held Jeremy’s hand in mine for as long as he needed.

I couldn’t solve Jeremy’s problem, or the problems of any of the children I mentored throughout college, but I learned that my presence, a listening ear, and kind words were not insignificant.

(The essay could then use the segue, “The same is true in medicine” as in the above example.)For medical school admissions counselors, being able to visualize a situation in which you offered compassion, rather than reading the words, “I offered support and compassion,” will make a far more lasting impression.

Now, this is not to say that your essay should be all description and no direct explanation.

Although you’re encouraged to be creative, it’s a medical school personal statement, not a short story.


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