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coli O157: H7 experience Wyllie, Tara Ashley (2010) Perceptions of domestic violence and strangulation Yalala, Ashwini Kumar Reddy (2010) Market approach based decentralized resource allocation system for multi-tasks and multi-users in wireless sensor networks Youngman, Shannon (2010) The role of the instructional technology coach in improving elementary teachers' perceived ability to meet the National Educational Technology Standards and Performance Indicators for Teachers Zippay, Cassie F (2010) An exploration of the critical and reflective thinking and the culturally relevant literacy practices of two preservice teachers Adamson, Saudat A (2009) Cytotoxic extracts of ethnomedicinal plants: In vitro evaluation of anticancer activity and progress towards bioassay-guided isolation and characterization of active constituents Agbaje, Oluropo C (2009) Lewis acid mediated diastereoselective synthesis of fused fluorinated & non fluorinated spiroketal: As potential biologically active unnatural products Alam, Shahrina (2009) Potassium allyltrifluoroborates and its use in organic transformations Aluoch, Moses (2009) An examination of effective algebra intervention strategies in selected high schools within Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools Anachebe, Nonyerem Rosemary (2009) The relatively high prevalence of cardiovascular disease among African Americans Arino de la Rubia, Leigh S (2009) A survey of the scientific epistemological views of college students: Assessing the impact of an implicit curriculum in science education Armstrong, Aisha P (2009) The factors that influence retention of African American undergraduate college students at a historically Black college or university Armstrong, Patrice (2009) Correlations between groundwater bacteria types and geochemistry of springs in Nashville, Tennessee Armstrong, Sherry (2009) Values incorporated in the stories of three basal reader series grades one through three: A modified content analysis Bajaj, Prashant (2009) Synthesis and characterization of lead chalcogenide nanoparticles (Pb E, E = selenium, tellurium) semiconductor nanocomposite materials in silica matrices Barland Edmondson, Christina (2009) Self -care advocacy as an ethical obligation in counseling psychology programs Berrios, Jacqueline (2009) The anti-carcinogenic effect of Chromolaena odorata, Ocimum basilicum, Ertyphleum suaveolens on breast and colon cancer cell lines Brown, Johanna A (2009) Identifying effective interventions for reducing/removing aggressive tendencies among school-aged adolescents: A meta-analysis Burke, Karen Lenoir (2009) Cytotoxic function of endotoxins produced by middle Tennessee isolates of Bacillus thuringiensis against Aedes albopictus cell line CCL-126 Burnett, Chase (2009) The perception of stressors among police personnel: Looking at the operational and organizational aspects of police work in suburban departments Carter, Tracey B (2009) Ascension to the American college presidency: A study of female presidents of public universities and community colleges in select Southern states Chittedi, Anand (2009) Development of software system for constraint control of mobile sensors in wireless sensor networks Churchwell, Dawn Earheart (2009) The impact of reading achievement on overall academic achievement Churchwell, Don Wesley (2009) The relationship between STAR Math score gains and academic achievement in math Clark, Ryan (2009) The anti-microbial effects of Camellia sinesis on Escherichia coli, Salmonella typhimurium, and Staphylococcus aureus Clay, Teresa Joy (2009) Reservation gaming: A catalyst for self -governance for the tribes of Arizona, New Mexico, and Oklahoma Coffelt, Rhonda Lane (2009) Effects of tributyltin on cytosolic calcium and actin in human natural killer cells Corlew, Willie (2009) The absence of a father or father figure and its impact on the academic success of high school males Crutchfield, Courtney P (2009) This is insanity!

Nasir, Sana Siddeeqah (2010) The marriage squeeze: A comparison between African American and European American educated women Neal, Kelle (2010) “Part of your world”: Disney's portrayal of ethnic minorities Nolen, Curtis L (2010) The impact of resident safety culture on quality outcomes in intellectual disabilities: A study of Tennessee community agencies Odman-Ghazi, Sabah O (2010) Effects of butyltins on cytosolic calcium ion levels, MAPKs signaling pathways and apoptotic pathways in human natural killer cells Ojetola, Akindeji O (2010) Development of analytical technique, tool, and metric for seat comfort prediction Orellana, Karee Marie (2010) The influence of the Tennessee comprehensive assessment program-alternate portfolio assessment on the education of students with significant disabilities in Tennessee public schools Otome, Okoromoba A.

E (2010) Synthesis and structure activity relationship of fluorinated enaminones: Potential antiepileptic compunds Perry, Joseph (2010) Critical elements affecting retention of first-time, full-time freshmen at Tennessee State University Pirtle, Lela O (2010) Variables that Predict Reported Domestic Violence Poe, Laminta G (2010) Student perceptions of marital rape laws Reece, Shana J (2010) The relationship among stress, burnout, and locus of control of school psychologists Robinson, De Mica C (2010) A qualitative examination of the effectiveness of peer/teen courts in Wilson County, Tennessee Rotich, Emily (2010) Antibiotic-resistant Enterobacteriaceae in retail meats and domestic kitchens in Middle Tennessee Spann, Thomas Lee (2010) A survey of selected percussion ensemble literature: 1930-1985 Stratton, Martha Walker (2010) The ACT as a predictor of students' academic performance in introductory biology courses Suggs, David (2010) A comparison of job satisfaction between patrol officers and those in specialized units within police departments Taylor, Thyneice R (2010) Effects of ziram on natural killer cell function Terrell, Kimberly (2010) Measuring success in life via components of social and emotional intelligence and quality of life Underwood, Samuel Scott (2010) Teacher empathy and its impact on bullying in schools Van Horn, Elizabeth Leigh C (2010) Expectancy violations of the division of labor on marital satisfaction across the transition to parenthood Wake, Tadesse Duga (2010) Pseudoinverses Williams, Joy T (2010) Effects of daughter's perceptions of mother's body image on personal body image and related issues Williams, Sparkle D (2010) Chronic ethanol exposure alters expression of insulin-induced mitogen-activated protein kinases in hypertensive vascular smooth muscle cells Wordlaw, Randall (2010) Profile of agribusinesses in Tennessee: Knowledge of international markets, needs and informational sources Woron, Amy M (2010) Inter-organizational learning: A comparative study of the Food and Drug Administration's (HHS) reaction to the Food Safety and Inspection Service's (USDA) E.

Kimathi, Boniface Muthuri (2014) Comparative analysis and characterization of proteins associated with fat accretion in broiler chickens and guinea fowl Kimbrell, Amanda G (2014) The effects of gender role conflict and adherence to masculine norms on help-seeking behaviors and academic performance in African American college students King, Mailene Leachana (2014) Determination of the toxicity of Bacillus thuringiensis δ-endotoxin against cancer cells Lo, Andrew M (2014) Studies on antioxidant activity of flavonoids quercetin, keampferol, geneistein, and glutathione in proteins and 3T3-LA1 cells Lovett, Kenyatta K (2014) The diffusion of governance in state economic development Lynch, Erin (2014) Language of resilience: A mixed-methods study of academic resilience levels and writing proficieny in the General Education Development program participants of Nashville Tennesse Mandil, Prachi (2014) Cloud based detection system to protect android smart phone devices from man-in-the-middle attacks Miller, Everett N (2014) The perceived effects of federal healthcare policy on faith-based organizations: A qualitative study Misra, Manu Kumar (2014) Network bandwidth provisioning for ensuring service level agreement (SLA)-based service guarantees Mitchell, Apryl J (2014) An examination of stereotype threat on women's math performance: a meta-analysis Mitchell, Terri C (2014) Offender Perceptions Of Why They Recidivate Narain, Ariane S (2014) Predictors of parent and peer attachment in college students: Fatherless versus dual parent homes Newby, Kenya E (2014) Effects of school-wide positive behavior support intervention concepts on teacher burnout OHair, Joshua A (2014) Inadequacy of Gram's Iodine Assay to Detect Cellulase Degradation during Screening for Lignocellulolytic Bacteria and Fungi Page, Michelle D (2014) Elementary educators perception of agritourism as a curriculum enhancer Parker, Janet M (2014) Reading intervention for Hispanic students: A quantitative study on the effects of Read Live™ supplemental reading program Patel, Khushikumari (2014) Synthesis of Pb S/Ti O2 nanocomposite materials using the sol-gel process via the incorporation of lead thiolates Payne, Ashley C (2014) Lysine mediation of avian neuroendocrine food regulation Pongo, Clarence (2014) Tennessee meat goat processing: Opportunities and constraints Rackley, Joshua Waonsila (2014) The bond that breaks: The role of attachment style and gender on forgiving a sexual infidelity among African Americans Rahman, Anisur MD.

(2014) Zn X2 (X = Cl, Br) catalyzed efficient regioselective synthesis of 1,3,4-oxadiazole and 1,3,4-thiadiazole rings and their antibacterial studies Rana, Krupa (2014) The Activation of Protein Kinase C and Protein Kinase D in Human Natural Killer Cells: The Effects of Tributyltin, Dibutyltin, and Tetrabromobisphenol A Risto, Angela (2014) The Impact of Texting and Social Media on Students' Academic Writing Skills Robinson, Christy Willis (2014) Teachers' perceptions on implementing a Professional Learning Community Rucker, Janelle M (2014) The effectiveness of a constructivist educational model on the progress of social interaction for a child with autism: A case study Smallwood, Gina W (2014) The Impact of School Climate on the Achievement of Elementary School Students Who Are Economically Disadvantaged A Quantitative Study Smith, Angelea (2014) Green infrastructure solutions to improve the impacts of urbanization in rural communities in Tennessee Smith, Jason Brandon (2014) Evaluation of a college readiness program in Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools Stadaker-Ervin, Sharon (2014) The effects of single-gender classes on male and female students' academic achievement, number of office referrals, and percentage of daily attendance in an urban elementary school Sullivan, Mia C (2014) Exploring the 1890 land-grant institutions and school based agricultural education: A phenomenological study Syed, Rabia (2014) An ab initio study of XBOy (X =H, F, Cl, Br and y = -1, 0, 1) interstellar species Tyler, Lauren E (2014) Mediating chemical reactions using polysaccharides Upchurch, Daniel F (2014) When hurt people hurt people: Examining bullying and homosexuality among college students at a Historically Black College and University campus Vijayan, Grija (2014) Impact of sub-optimal macro and micronutrients on Romaine lettuce (Lactuca sativa) and supra-optimal on coffee (Coffea Arabica) Walker, Amira (2014) Comparing parental stress and parental efficacy based on the age of the child as determined by the Parenting Stress Index and the Parent-Child Relationship Inventory among immigrant Hispanic and Latino families Wallace, T.

fifth graders in a middle school setting: Achievement, attendance, discipline Merriman, Regina Tarpley (2008) A study on the effects of a balanced literacy program featuring the Voyager Passport Intervention Program on third grade students in a rural school district located in middle Tennessee Mofield, Emily Lynne (2008) The effects of an affective curriculum on perfectionism and coping in gifted middle school students Moody, Anissa L (2008) Informal caregiving within a HAART era advanced HIV cohort Osborne, Kathryn E (2008) The effect of Tennessee's Gateway examinations on high school graduation rate Peters, Sharon D (2008) Higher education desegregation and the performance of public Historically Black Colleges and Universities Pierfax, Cynthia Michelle (2008) The effect of level and length of grower ration supplementation on chevon production, carcass characteristics and return over feed cost Poe, Susan K (2008) Authentic language vs.

(2008) The effects of Tennessee teacher licensure test scores and teacher level of education on student achievement levels Roberts, La Tisha (2008) Design and development of a gender and language recognition system Robinson, Kristi R (2008) The difference in the quality of life variables between married and unmarried African American university students who are mothers Rubin, James Bernard (2008) The effects of peer mentoring on a college developmental learning strategies classroom Russell, Susan Moore (2008) On-site versus remote instruction utilizing interactive television in nursing: A comparison of performance and attitudes at Columbia State Community College Sadler, Tamela R (2008) Implications for practitioner diagnosis of Adult ADHD in a primary care setting Salman, Amin (2008) The case for an Islamic school in Nashville, Tennessee Settle, Anna Goodwin (2008) Gender role conflict as a predictor of date rape variables in African American men Shamantula, Sampath Kumar (2008) A software system for robust and load balanced parallel computing in heterogeneous environment Sigears, Kimberly Ann (2008) The impact of the implementation of the Scholastic Read 180 model on reading skills development of middle school students with learning disabilities as compared to those using the Traditional Resource Reading model Smith, Courtney D (2008) Citizen perceptions of race and televison crime news Smith, Tina Lynn (2008) The impact of residential community living learning programs on college student achievement and behavior Spearman-Teamer, Carolyn A (2008) African American male athletes: An examination of a conflicted sense of masculinity as a source of psychological distress Tanner, Billy Thomas (2008) The effect of preschool attendance on children's readiness for kindergarten Thompson, Rebekah M (2008) Racial profiling in law enforcement and its effects on citizen attitudes toward police Turner, Ronald G (2008) Religion in prison: An analysis of the impact of religiousness /spirituality on behavior, health and well-being among male and female prison inmates in Tennessee Ulmer, Tameca A (2008) Examination of cross cultural motivating factors in educational pursuit Wagner, Rebecca Ann (2008) Thinness or proportion?

(2012) Faculty perceptions of information technology and its perceived usefulness at a public, urban university in Tennessee Foster, Dana M (2012) We've come this far by faith: an examination of religiosity, psychological well-being, a need to belong, and a fear of negative evaluation amongst African Americans Foster, Tyrica S (2012) Interaction of tryptophan-arginine rich peptide with model membranes: Mechanistic insights into the outer-membrane disruption Frazier, Kerry (2012) Developing a curriculum plan for a middle school all-star pop ensemble Frazier, Marlow La Treal (2012) Gastrocnemius flexibility and its influence on VO2Max Gociu, Adina E (2012) College racial context in the development of symptomatic eating disorders in African-American college young adults Goni, Abdul MD.

non-problem-based learning in teacher education programs Mc Neal, Mc Kenzie (2012) Robust networking architecture and secure communication scheme for heterogeneous wireless sensor networks Mehta, Toral Rajesh (2012) Effect of Violacein Extracted from Different Chromobacterium violaceum Strains on Growth of Cancer Cells Mgaya, Richard Hans (2012) Distributed control system and architecture for integrated control and diagnostics of turbine engines Muallem, Asmah (2012) Visualizing geolocation of spam email Nichols, Alexandro D (2012) Muscle memory: An analysis of repetitive motion theory applied to percussion performance in undergraduate college students Nveawiah-Yoho, Peter (2012) Mechanisms for salt tolerance and susceptibility in tomato Palmer, Marsha (2012) A Study of the Physiological, Biochemical and Molecular Regulations of Salt and Dehydration Tolerance Properties of Tomato Paraiso, Johnna (2012) English as a Second Language Teachers and the Use of New Media: Collaboration and Connection Parrott, Timothy Nolan (2012) ACT test preparation course and its impact on students' college- and career-readiness Pitts, Alexis L (2012) Adult attachment, sexual motives, and high risk sexual behavior Reynolds, Fedrick Nicholas (2012) Non-integer order differentiation and their approximations via Laplace transformation Ridley, Janice Rebecca Becky (2012) The perceptions of teachers regarding their knowledge, beliefs, and practices of brain-based learning strategies Robinson, Kristi R (2012) Student mobility effects on academic achievement in grade school students Rosemond, La Nise D (2012) The effects of a mentoring program on African American collegiate football students at a predominately white institution Salman, Bakhita (2012) Iris recognition system Sharma, Uttam (2012) An ab initio study of XNO(y) and XPO(y) (X = Hydrogen, Fluorine, Chlorine, Bromine and y = 1, 0, -1) interstellar species Shockley, Kristy (2012) Factors influencing teacher absenteeism in a Middle Tennessee school system Slaughter, Christopher Rendelle (2012) Advantage of disadvantage: Moderating factors of racerelated stress on African American well-being Terrell, Kevin (2012) Development of crack detection and length estimation software system Towns, Danielle R.

"Chick" Chavis Jr.: His Legacy and Role in the Implementation of Instrumental Music Education in the Nashville African American Community Byrd, Crystal J (2013) High glucose induces cell death and changes in insulin signaling in cultured hypenrtensive vascular smooth muscle cells of rat Byrd, Crystal J (2013) High glucose induces cell death and changes in insulin signaling in cultured hypertensive vascular smooth muscle cells of rat Callahan, Rontrell Marshurn (2013) An examination of high school directors' use of cooperative learning approaches in a marching band setting Cappadona, Taylor A (2013) Method development for metallic ion waste treatment featuring precipitation and supramolecular chemistry Carey, Stephen (2013) What is the current level of asthma knowledge in elementary, middle, and high school teachers?

Cato, Anita R (2013) The effects of hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD) and tetrabromobisphenol A (TBBPA) on mitogen-activated protein kinases in human natural killer cells Celada, Lindsay J (2013) The effect of environmental contaminants on mitogen-activated-protein kinase kinase kinase and Ras-GTPase activity in human natural killer cells Celso, Ben (2013) Consensus problems in switching systems Chowdhury, Aminul (2013) Spectrochemical assessment of bottled water and tap water from six counties in middle Tennessee Clayton, Otis (2013) Student perceptions of teacher characteristics on math achievement for middle school African American students Connelley, Cindy E (2013) A qualitative study of personal constructs of e-teaching Cook, Melanie C (2013) A study of citizens' perceptions of the war on drugs Dale, Patricia A (2013) The effect of ACT preparatory classes on secondary school students' academic achievement Davis, Stephanie D (2013) Demographics, Region and Classification of Sexual Offenders are Associated with the Non-Compliance of the Tennessee Sexual and Violent Sexual Offender Registration, Verification and Tracking Act of 2004 Dixon, Beverly R. A (2013) In vitro evaluation of the potential for select bacteria and yeast as probiotics in poultry production Donikini, Rajyalaxmi (2013) Green products and green marketing: Factors affecting consumers' purchases of green products Duncan, Benjamin R (2013) A case study of alternatively trained science teachers: Attainment of pedagogical content knowledge Edlin, Maria L (2013) Determining the Philosophical Orientation of Pre-Service Teachers: A Causal-Comparative Study Efstathiou, Natali (2013) Self-control and well-being: The moderating roles of frustration intolerance and emotional intensity Fox, Janice M (2013) The effects of Write Score formative assessment on student achievement Gavilo-Lane, Laurie B (2013) State earned income tax credit outreach: Capturing federal credits Gipson, Shondra N (2013) C-acylation of 5-trifluoromethyl-1,3-cyclohexanedione with substituted unactivated carboxylic acids and benzoyl chlorides Giwa, Damilola (2013) Factors influencing the demand for goat meat in Tennessee: Implications for marketing Golkonda, Ravindra Bangari (2013) Enhancing meat goat marketing: A study of marketing channels and practices used by meat goat producers in Tennessee Golkonda, Swetha Bangari (2013) Bioproducts: Consumers' perception and buying behavior Griffin, Sedric D (2013) Impact of the Complete College Tennessee Act's retention and graduation benchmarks on budget appropriations at Tennessee State University Grissom, Donna Nell (2013) The effects of school entrance age and gender on math and language arts achievement Haley, Katrina A (2013) A comparative study of high school Advanced Placement and dual enrollment programs using a mixed methods analysis Hall, Taffey (2013) Creating collaboration: Exploring the development of a Baptist digital library and archive, a case study Hamilton, La Keisha C (2013) Men's spirituality as a predictor of their willingness to seek help Hatfield, Tammy H (2013) A mixed methods study of special education administrators in Tennessee on transition services for high school students with disabilities Hayes, Constance L (2013) Examination of Principals' Perceptions on School Climate in Metropolitan Nashville Public Elementary Schools Hovis, Sarah K (2013) Temporal Variability of Water Quality Parameters in Two Creeks of the Collins River Sub-watershed Dominated by Nursery Crop Production Hubbard, Justin S (2013) The Selection of Instrumental Band Method Books by Middle School Band Directors in and Around Davidson County Hurd-Brown, Tasia D (2013) Effects of brominated flame retardant and organochlorine compounds on tumor binding capacity and cell surface protein expression on human natural killer cells Jackson, Jason D (2013) Synthesis of single source molecular precursors for copper indium diselenide and copper indium disulfide production via confined plume chemical deposition James, Olena T (2013) Cytotoxic Extracts of Ethnomedicinal Plants: Podophyllum peltatum (Mayapple) and Echinacea angustifolia Johnson, Elizabeth (2013) The impact of instructional coaching on school improvement Johnson, Jessica Nicole (2013) Teachers' inclusion of varied genres of music in middle school and high school class piano of Davidson County, Tennessee school system and surrounding counties Johnson, Nehemiah (2013) The Relationship Between Stage of Change and Relapse Prevention in Substance Abusing Adults Johnson, Roodie Antoinette (2013) Isolation and characterization of host extract-induced transposon mutants of Pectobacterium carotovorum Johnston, Trevor S (2013) Pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan [L.] Millsp.) growth, yield, and seed protein as affected by variety, spacing, and planting date Kelley, Jr.


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