Tools For Critical Thinking

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Also, with the confine of contact time with learners, teachers face difficulty in fulfilling the learning process; and hence, they are forced to make effective decision concerning input coverage, good understanding, and critical analysis of teaching materials.

Thus, they should integrate instructional tools and techniques that can efficiently promote students’ learning and critical thinking.

Moore (2004) considers that developing critical thinkers is necessary to have good learning, and further in order to act as dynamic and active citizens in our society. 31) suggests that „By helping students become better thinkers, we would enable them to become better writers and vice-versa.“ Gelder (2005) explains that improving students’ critical thinking skills can be a universal aim of all academic endeavors. 43) defines critical thinking as „A skill of potential value for those who should objectively evaluate what they can and do dredge up from the ocean of online information currently available on the Internet“.

Thus, Critical thinking is a highly desirable objective of online education courses.

Students love opportunities to sink their teeth into problems that don't have clear answers.

It's oftentimes out of this murkiness that new perspectives and ideas emerge.

Modern development in educational technology has generated a wide range of online tools to assist teachers.

This paper will examine the theoretical foundations of critical thinking in education, present scientifically-based methods for integrating web instructional tools to foster critical thinking, and will provide practical recommendations for promoting critical thinking skills via online communication materials.

Many scholars basically stress the need to make learners critical thinkers (Facione & Facione, 2007; Moore, 2004; Muilenburg & Berge, 2000; Paul & Elder, 2006).

Paul and Elder (2006) state that developing critical thinkers is important and should be the central goal of all academic institutions as well, through the use of effective steps.


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