Trip To Nicaragua Essay

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Literacy: 75% Natural resources: Arable land, livestock, fisheries, gold, timber.

Agriculture products: Coffee, bananas, sugarcane, cotton, rice, corn, tobacco, sesame, soya, beans; beef, veal, pork, poultry, dairy products.

Impromptu shot of a girl in a bus near the market in Granada.

The wind turbine of our bed and breakfast on Little Corn Island which was completely off the grid. Tomatoes in light blue painted cans for sale at the market in Granada.

This little lizard hung out with us for quite a while on the porch of our bed and breakfast on Little Corn Island.

For more photos of Nicaragua check out Part 2 and Part 3 of this series. Since 1985 I have traveled throughout much of the United States and to over forty different countries within five continents for both business and pleasure.Highest point is the peak of , the stated elevation might be incorrect – figures vary between 2,094 m, 2,107 m and 2,438 m above sea level, but anyway, Pico Mogoton the highest mountain in the country.Nicaragua is famous for a lot of lakes and volcanoes.Nicaraguan aid to leftist rebels in El Salvador caused the US to sponsor anti-Sandinista contra guerrillas through much of the 1980s.Free elections in 1990 and again in 1996 saw the Sandinistas defeated.Settled as a colony of Spain in the 1520s, Nicaragua gained its independence in 1821.Violent opposition to governmental manipulation and corruption spread to all classes by 1978 and resulted in a short-lived civil war that brought the Marxist Sandinista guerrillas to power in 1979.Several types of bananas were available in the markets. Rice, beans and corn are major dietary staples for sale in the markets.Iglesia de la Recoleccion is one of many stunning churches in Leon.Tomato and pineapple vendor in outdoor market in Granada.Some of the crosses in the ‘poor section’ of the fascinating cemetery in Granada.


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