Type A And B Personality Essay

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If a kid was raised in a way that he became very ambitious yet he wanted to achieve much in a short period of time then he might become a Type A.

Type As are also considered brave people in individual psychology because they responded to the environment challenges correctly by moving towards their goals instead of running away from them. Some Type Bs however might just be too scared to move forward in life and as a result they turned into procrastinators. i am a type A and i have problems with teamwork what are other theories that classified personalities?

Another application, in education to define the most effective teaching methods.

In addition to enhancing the inter-personal relationships by understanding others reaction to certain situations and by figuring out the best effective communication ways.

Personality type classification has also been used as health indicator.

There are many classifications out there that help in determining people’s personalities ,however, the type A and type B classification is the most famous one due to its high accuracy.In use, you might notice your own tendencies towards anxiety and stress which, whilst not necessarily leading to heart attacks, can still lead to many stress-related disorders. Psychosomatic Medicine, 33, 193-202 * Argument * Brand management * Change Management * Coaching * Communication * Counseling * Game Design * Human Resources * Job-finding * Leadership * Marketing * Politics * Propaganda * Rhetoric * Negotiation * Psychoanalysis * Sales * Sociology * Storytelling * Teaching * Warfare * Workplace design * Assertiveness * Body language * Principles * Behaviors * Beliefs * Brain stuff * Conditioning * Coping Mechanisms * Critical Theory * Culture * Decisions * Emotions * Evolution * Gender * Games * Groups * Habit * Identity * Learning * Meaning * Memory * Motivation * Models * Needs * Personality * Power * Preferences * Research * Relationships * SIFT Model * Social Research * Stress * Trust * Values * Alphabetic list * Theory types – About – Guest Articles – Blog!In persuading others the tendency towards A or B will affect your strategy. Let’s examine these two personality types more thoroughly.The study revealed that a person with a Type A personality is more likely to be preoccupied with social status, accomplishment in life, and self-esteem. Well, this person is often domineering, impatient, and prone or quick to anger. A simple division of preference or personality type is into Type A and Type B, which is based broadly on anxiety and stress levels.The Type A personality generally lives at a higher stress level. It subsequently appeared in the Jenkins Activity Survey, which was originated to detect behaviors which lead to heart attacks (Jenkins, Ayzanski, Rosenman, 1971). Redford Williams, a cardiologist at Duke University, later showed that the main hazard in this is when the Type A person has a tendency to anger and hostility A subsequent study has challenged even this, throwing the whole validity of this typing as a predictor of heart attacks into doubt.The dominant function is “supported by an auxiliary (2nd) function, tertiary (3rd) function, and inferior (4th) function” (BSM, 2006).The possible combination of these basic preferences form 16 different personality types.It's important to note that a Type B isn't a procrastinator but some type B's become procrastinators if they lacked enough courage. A study conducted in the 1950s connected two personality types to heart disease risks. The types define two sets of behavioral and emotional tendencies, which could raise or lower a person’s chance of acquiring coronary heart disease or other health related issues.


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