Utah Bar Exam Essay Subjects

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I’ve lost track of the number of applicants who told me “I only need to study for a D.” On a different note, I haven’t lost track of the number of attorneys who advertise that they only studied for a D: none.

Bar applicants also need to set themselves up for success by making better choices in law school.

Oftentimes, many students take less-difficult classes rather than subjects that will appear on the Nevada Bar Exam—a crucially bad decision.

If an applicant doesn’t take a class on a subject that appears on the bar exam, the applicant needs to learn the subject in a shortened period of a few days during bar exam studying, which is a tall order.

If law schools do not give full coverage of topics on the bar exam, how can they be surprised when their graduates have lower rates of passage?

I will admit that I find it hard to suffer the complaints about the difficulty of the bar exam from law schools, when most law schools do not give these main subjects the comprehensive coverage the subjects deserve.Now, most law schools only offer two semesters of one of the topics.Instead, law schools have offered interesting classes, most of which will not ever be used by most attorneys in practice and are not on the bar exam.Still, when faced with lowering standards for a test designed to protect the public from incompetent attorneys, are there not other actions the court could take, in its supervisory role of the State Bar and the Board of Bar Examiners, to increase bar passage rates in addition to lowering standards?From my experience working on education policy at the Nevada Legislature, I answer yes; I’ve often found that problems and their causes are like a puzzle: there are many pieces and actors that need to fit together to put together a rosy picture—and rarely any silver bullets.This physical barrier still exists today, requiring the passage of a bar exam in order to practice law—and cross this courtroom barrier.The article discussed falling bar passage rates and declining competency to practice law generally.We continue to identify technical compliance solutions that will provide all readers with our award-winning journalism., designed to separate attorneys and the court from the general public.The applicant who receives this distinction will have a public acknowledgement of their work ethic, if not intelligence, and an impressive resume line.The State Bar should adopt this approach, with modifications.


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