Visual Rhetoric Essay

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to refer to the assignment, or imply that you're analyzing this image or using these sources because you have to (even though you do).

Of course, women could indirectly be an audience, too, since they might want to buy this watch for someone or wear it themselves. If you pay close attention to the watch features, it includes North, South, East, and West orientations; it is digital with various modes that likely include a stopwatch, and it has a light for when it is dark.First, discuss the work as Edward Tufte would, using terms and critical concepts from Visual Explanations. How does it provide information about who, what, when, where, why, how much, etc.Using Tufte is particularly helpful in talking about the words that are included in or with the image (direct labels). While you may look at the very same details as you did in the Tufte section, here you'll use Mc Cloud to explore how the image performs its cultural work in terms of visual design.You can choose an image from the present day or from history.It should be a public image that circulated via print or the Internet.All of these features are likely to appeal to outdoors types, athletes, or both.The includes any background information that will help you understand and analyze an image.Yet, images have power, which is why we need to understand how to analyze them.When you’re analyzing an image to understand the message it portrays, this is called .Cite any quotations, paraphrased ideas or unique information you use from those sources.Also include a Works Cited entry for the source of your image.


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