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Please this article and watch ~Poetry To The Masses or join #Poetry-To-The-Masses to show your support.- Aster Girl (https:// Suggested by akettleofvultures (https:// B A M goes the gun no one told her to run now her daughter lies waiting for a mom she doesn't know will never come If you like this poem, please the original!

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The poet remarks on the strangeness of love, existing in places one would not have thought possible.

He goes on to consider the 'love' a concentration camp commander shows to his family - having spent his day burning human corpses, he buys them sweets on the way home. On one hand, Achebe praises providence that even the cruelest of beings can show sparks of love, yet on the other, he despairs - they show love solely for their family, and so allow themselves to commit atrocities towards others."(BBC Bitesize)"Chinua Achebe was born in Nigeria in 1930 where his father worked for the Church Missionary Society.

' I said to myself, laying on top of the dirty, black, satin covers in the middle of a midsummer night. The feeling of a lost soul, wandering endlessly through the fields of loneliness.

'How every time someone says 'Trust me', they just wait until you turn away and then they stab you in th In the youth culture, there are different types of cultures, for example: Emo, Goth, Chav etc.

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Welcome to ~Poetry To The Masses' weekly feature.Yesterday they picked the eyes of a swollen corpse in a water-logged trench and ate the things in its bowel.Full gorged they chose their roost keeping the hollowed remnant in easy range of cold telescopic eyes... Thus the Commandant at Belsen Camp going home for the day with fumes of human roast clinging rebelliously to his hairy nostrils will stop at the wayside sweet-shop and pick up a chocolate for his tender offspring waiting at home for Daddy's return...This is the final feature (one sooner than anticipated because apparently one of the suggested poems has been removed).I would like to once again thank everyone who has supported us in any way since we started, three whole years ago!I will also include links to two other suggested poems which you can read if you wish.In the greynessand drizzle of one despondentdawn unstirred by harbingersof sunbreak a vultureperching high on brokenbone of a dead treenestled close to hismate his smoothbashed-in head, a pebbleon a stem rooted ina dump of grossfeathers, inclined affectionatelyto hers.In both poems, the world that is featured is one where destruction is an intrinsic part to it.Both poems feature imagery that conveys this destruction, suggesting that there can be no escape from a world where ruination is a necessary part of being in the world.Yesterday they pickedthe eyes of a swollencorpse in a water-loggedtrench and ate the things in its bowel.Fullgorged they chose their roostkeeping the hollowed remnantin easy range of coldtelescopic eyes ...


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