Walking Thesis Project Robotics

Walking Thesis Project Robotics-55
The first objective of this master thesis is to develop and implement algorithms for the manipulation with two arms of objects in a static environment on a PR2 robot at LAAS-CNRS.

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Occasionally, we propose theses to be done at companies, or at universities and research centers around the world. Each thesis at the DIAG Robotics Lab is supervised by one of the faculty members.

To apply for a thesis, contact Giuseppe Oriolo in advance; it is better to sign up when you have yet 3 or 4 exams to take.

This project will take place in the Lagadic group at Inria/Irisa Rennes (France).

The internship is for at least 6 months and it is paid around 550 euros/month.

Since then, we have been gradually improving the robot hardware and software and we implemented several locomotion modes from walking to running and jumping. Only with their expert knowledge and experience such a project is possible.

Walking Thesis Project Robotics Jackie Robinson Essay Scholastic

After extensive testing of a first leg prototype in 20, the first prototype of Hy Q was operational in 2010.

A possible solution will be to apply the multi-robot whole-body control paradigm (Vaillant et al, 2016, Bouyarmane et al 2017) where a rigid-body dynamics model of the human and of the manipulated object will be available for the robot.

The robot can also use a database of the collaborative task performed by two humans, which will provide him with specific domain knowledge regarding the task to execute.

Cameras are a widespread sensor modality used for controlling the motion of robots and/or understanding the surrounding environment.

In a robotics context, a first necessary step for using cameras is to extract relevant "features" that will represent the actual "measured/controlled quantities" exploited in any subsequent control/estimation task.


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