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These days there are so many websites and resources available to help teachers, but that doesn’t mean that teachers know what all’s available to them.There’s so many lists of websites out there, but what makes this one unique is that these websites have been recommended by teachers themselves.A great student writing aid, Grammarly allows students to check the spelling and grammar of their writing, whether creative pieces or homework assignments, before handing it in.

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BBC Skillwise has a great Writing site filled with interactive activities and is number three on my list. In it, students can choose a place from around the world; listen to someone speaking in simple English about it; type notes when they’re listening; write a short summary; choose pictures; and then print it all out.

Kevin Jarrett has written about a new site from the Sesame Workshop called Pinky Dinky Doo.

The site offers a wealth of information on both reading and writing, helping students find and recommend new books and authors.

It also provides brilliant writing prompts to help students with writers block or those who just don’t know where to start.

It’s called Your Story Box, and is basically a simple cloze (gap-fill) activity where users fill-in the blanks with images that are converted into words. It’s a great exercise for Beginning English Language Learners. Scholastic has a wide variety of student model essays.

Look under Projects By Subject near the bottom right of the page.

From sonnets to mysteries to sci-fi novels, the online community caters for all tastes and interests, making it a great starting point for teens who haven’t yet found their literary niche.

And with exciting contests, groups and forums, it’s a great interactive experience with lots to grab students’ attention and help them get writing and get involved!

For a few hundred dollars a year, a class can watch excellent animated movies about writing and many other topics, along with additional online activities.

Plus, the movies are now closed-captioned, which is great for English Language Learners. Students can….create a tale using step-by-step instructions including images. Here, too, students are guided to create a simple story.


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