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The best essays are featured in compilations of writings on a specific topic that are printed by university presses for academic writing.

The best editorials are featured in everything from local to national newspapers, television news programs, and in online news sources and websites.

Essays can be written on any subject from 18th century British literature to the Hubble Telescope's latest discovery.

No matter which time period or topic an essay explores, there are always news ways of looking at the subject and new ideas to form about it.

If the purpose of your writing is to impart knowledge in an orderly way, you're writing an essay.

If your purpose is to capture your thoughts on an issue you find important and persuade others to share that opinion, or to praise work done in your community, or even to amuse readers with your take on a topical issue, you're writing an editorial.

Praising editorial expresses gratitude and admiration for a good person or a good deed., while a criticism editorial points out flaws.

Great editorials, like essays, start with a thesis statement.

Just like essays, there are several different kinds of editorials.

A leading editorial is a call to action that can inspire change, while an entertaining editorial can make a reader laugh using humor and satire.


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