Wireless Isp Business Plan

Developing a WISP business plan that will only have to deal with a single round of funding but has to take into account investors, ROI, and payback schedules is not much different than a sole proprietorship from a technical point of view.There is still the assumption of linear growth with more exit strategies but that’s on the financial side.

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I didn’t think through the fact that the original model hadn’t taken into account multiple levels of future investment funding and the highest percentage of stock control.

When designing a business plan for a WISP, the first thing to consider is simply this: the exit strategy. If your only answer is, “I’ll sell it to someone”, good luck with that statement to possible investors.

Multi-round funding is another animal entirely from a technical standpoint.

Even though first, second, and possibly third-round round investors are obviously out to maximize their investment, each group has different priorities from a capital expenditure level.

This type of design can focus on a solid infrastructure with a fairly linear growth plan.

Corners don’t have to be cut for the sake of minimizing outside investment.The goal is that the effort pays off in reduced capital expenditures, greater competitive advantage, and hopefully a better financial business model.One of the problems with being an engineer though is that we rarely assume we are wrong unless someone proves that we are.I’ve seen business plans for WISPs from small to large, and from municipal mesh to tower-centric models.In every one, I try to look at design methodologies that would make the deployment technically unique.Many owners look at it as a small business that should eventually reach a comfortable profitability level.If the business can be sold when they are ready to get out, that’s even better.Throw in the fact that many WISPs are small companies with one owner, then the dynamics of the sale are based as much on personal issues as financial ones.Most business plans I do are based on the fact they probably won’t get very large and will maintain a single owner.I engineered a system a year ago that I was sure was a solid design.The financial model fit, the ROI was good and the end game looked great.


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