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It will help you manage everything from cash flow and personnel to marketing and brand awareness.

Having things in writing will also make it easier to monitor your company’s performance and identify areas where you might be falling short.

“As Market Analysis assumptions are proven and new information becomes available, the plan evolves.

Start-up business plans are highly speculative because the business is unproven.” On the other hand, a well-established business has the validity of years of experience and can develop a more detailed plan from the start.

Writing a business plan will force you to look at your product or service objectively and understand your strengths as well as your weaknesses.

Any potential investor will want to know what they’re getting themselves into, how their money will be spent and whether or not you will be capable of pulling it off.

So how much detail you should include in your business plan may depend on your reasons for writing it.

Here are some of the initial steps to take when writing your business plan.

A business plan can have a number of different purposes, so before you begin writing and researching, you should know why you’re writing it and what you hope to accomplish with it.

“The challenge for most business plans is to clearly and specifically identify what the plan's purpose is and what it is not,” says Boyer.


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